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Tell your story !

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Anyone can take a picture
But it takes a photographer to tell 
a story
and capture a personality


Exquisite dancer

Elina 1_1

This is how it works...

Packages & Prices

High quality does not necessarily means high prices. I want to make sure to have happy clients that are delighted and proud of their pictures. Delivering high quality at reasonable prices is one of the ingredient for a happy client!
I also strive to provide fixed fees in order to avoid any extra-costs. What you see is what you get. No surprises!
Are you a company who want to have great staff headshots or an individual who want to have great wedding och graduation pictures, or maybe just want to have astonishing  pictures for your social medias...?

Want to know more? Just contact me. I am just a phone call away!

About me

Stéphane Blandeau

Portrait photographer & visual story teller specializing in making ordinary people stand out. Based in Stockholm.

I've always had a passion for photography.

Born in Argenteuil, an economically depressed suburb outside Paris,
I was raised in a modest and challenging environment. As a child, I always knew I was meant to achieve greater things in life than one could imagine for being a "kid from the hood". At the age of 15, I moved together with my family to a small village in Bretagne then helping my parents establishing a family business while selling clothes on the local markets on weekends. At the age of 19, I finally grasped my business studies and 6 years later would obtain a Master degree in Business and Finance from ESG Paris School of Business.

Although my professional path was successful, holding various senior management positions in larger international organisations, my longing for arts, visual creativity and photography never left me since my early days. 

Going around with a camera in my hands makes me happy. Every moment, every place, every meeting is for me an opportunity to catch the instant. Whether I am on assignment, or just exploring on my own, I always push myself to my outer limits in order to connect to my subjects, and bring true emotions out of them.

Photography is for me a way to express creativity and it brings me balance through a feeling of interconnection with my environment as time stops for every single click on my camera.

Although I have touched a broad spectrum of what photography can offer, I have mostly been seduced by photo-shooting landscape and people.

Please have a look at my work. And please do not hesitate to contact me if you are interested in hiring me for a photoshooting or acquiring one of my pieces.

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